Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit Instructions

Shortly after he installed the Rubicon Express slip yoke eliminator kit, Craig Myers posted the following description of the process to the Jeep-L list:

From: (Craig Myers)
Subject: RE Tailshaft Conversion Install
Date: 11 Apr 97 03:16:44 GMT

Well, I installed the Rubicon Express Tailshaft Conversion last night. WOW! What an impressive kit. The total cost was $420 shipped! This included the conversion and a 18-1/2" driveshaft for sprung-over Wranglers. The install went as follows:

1. Removed old driveshaft & x-fer case tailhousing.
2. Taped off output shaft so 1-1/8" of spline was under tape, and masked off open bearing.
3. Cut output shaft with metal-cutting blade equipped circular saw.
4. Ground rear of shaft flat and chamfered slightly.
5. Started 1/8" pilot in center of shaft 1-1/8" deep.
5.5. Made drill guide from old slip yoke.
6. Drilled 5/16" hole into shaft 1-1/8" deep (Drill provided)
7. Tapped shaft with 3/8" tap (Tap provided)
8. Cleaned shaft and removed tape and masking.
9. Pressed new oil seal into new tailhousing.
10. Installed new tailhousing and output yoke.
11. Installed new driveshaft.

Total install time: 1-1/2 hours.

The hardest part was drilling the 1/8" pilot hole! The quality of the parts is excellent. The tailhousing is a solid block of aluminum about 6" in diameter, 3" deep with a 2" hole through the center. It is red anodized (Blue also available) with "RUBICON EXPRESS" milled into the face. The output yoke looks like chrome-moly and accepts a Spicer 1310 u-joint. The driveshaft is VERY well built with all Spicer u-joints included and a HD slip yoke with about a 1-3/4" spline. Overall, the driveshaft is about 1-1/2" longer than stock and my driveline angles look 100% better now!

In conclusion, if you want a tailshaft conversion without the hassles of a CV-joint, then this kit is the way to go!

Craig R. Myers
Engineering Technician
U.S. Army Research Laboratory

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