Equus Cruise Control Model 9000-B Manual

I’ve gotten enough requests over the years for copies of this manual that I finally decided to scan it and put it online. There are a few hand-scribbled notes in the margins that refer to relevant page numbers in the factory service manual for my ’95 YJ, or to wire colors for my 4-cyl engine. Enjoy.

Download the manual as a 1.3 MB PDF

Table of Contents

  1. Important Safety Notice, page 1
  2. Table of Contents, page 2
  3. Know the System, page 3
  4. Introduction / Features / Functions, page 4
  5. Servo Installation, page 5
  6. Vacuum Hose Connection / Throttle Linkage Attachment, page 6
  7. Speed Sensing Installation, page 9
  8. Wiring, page 13
  9. Self-Diagnostics Using Command Module, page 16
  10. Final Adjustments, page 17
  11. Troubleshooting Guide, page 19
  12. Master Parts List, page 24
  13. Warranty, page 25


The manual pages were scanned at 100 dpi, except for a few pages that I didn’t think were readable at that resolution, and those were scanned at 120 dpi. In order to keep the resolution reasonable for a web browser and still make the mostly-line-drawn information on the pages look nice, I chose to save the files as 3-bit (8-value) greyscale images rather than binary images by using The Gimp’s “posterize” feature (it makes for softer edges). They were then saved as PNG files with maximum compression (level 9), which are smaller than JPEGs (for these images, anyway), and I know at least Netscape Navigator will display them natively. (Yes, that was the cutting-edge browser back when I first scanned these!) The 100┬ádpi images are approximately 700×1000 pixels and range in size from 25KB to 80KB.

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