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I’ve setup a database of articles from major 4×4 magazines. This page is dedicated to those who need to locate that great article from some magazine a year or two back about that mod they’re about to make to their own rig. Click here to search the database.

Here’s a list of 4-wheeling equipment that either has or would have come in useful on at least one of my wheeling trips.

Confused about the thickness of a particular gauge of wire or sheet metal? This chart lists the thickness and weight for each gauge in both English and metric units.

Using the check engine light to determine which diagnostic trouble codes are upsetting your engine is a convenient way to diagnose problems. Here’s how to do it.

Although some people can get away with using a Chiltons or Haynes manual to repair their Jeep, serious mechanics who want to do it all themselves need to have a factory service manual.

Confused about the various Jeep model designations?

Need to find out what axle gear ratio your vehicle or that junkyard axle has?

Confused about the correct way to route all those vacuum lines under your hood?

Looking for information about the instrument cluster on a YJ? I have all the relevent pages from my 1995 service manual online.

For some amusement, check out the 4×4 Creed.

Click here for links to other Jeep-related pages.

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3 thoughts on “Jeep Miscellany

  1. Lee Lemke

    Quick question on your YJ dash cluster page 8E.41 Next to the 4 wheel drive indicator there is an open socket on the circuit board. Is there supposed to be a illumination socket in this location?

    1. Obi-Wan Post author

      Hey Lee, thanks for asking. You’re not the first person to wonder this. The answer is no, the other half of that gauge is unused. I’ve just posted an image of the relevant pages from the owner’s manual toward the bottom of the instrument cluster page.

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