4×4 Creed

4×4 Creed

by Tony Sain

What many see as excessiveness,
I see as necessity.

What many see as too expensive,
I see as priceless.

What many see as twisted sheet metal,
I see as a sculpture of experience.

They call it maintenance.
I call it caring.

They say, “Why replace a perfectly good part?”
I reply, “If it were perfect, it wouldn’t need replacing.
Besides, there are no perfect parts.”

They call it broken.
I call it wounded.

They see a scratch.
I see a memory.

They’ll take the low road. They’ll take the high road.
I’ll take a little of both and a lot of the space between.

Some say I am destroying the earth.
I say that I am becoming a part of it.

They look at it.
I look at it. I feel it. I taste it, breathe it and wear it in my hair.

When they take away a trail,
they take away my air.

They say we are different…
I say they are right.

When you come to a fork in the road…
Go straight.


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