York On-Board Air – Shopping List

The actual list of supplies required will vary from one rig to another, but this is what I used and what it cost me. Much of the stuff came from the Surplus Center, a national mail-order place specializing in hydraulics, pumps,compressors, etc. Their warehouse happens to be just a mile from myoffice. Call 1-800-488-3407 for a free catalog.

Compressor and Tank
York A/C compressor from Ford Fairmont$35.00
AMC-style hose connectors for York $12.00
Custom mounting bracket for compressor, parts and labor $40.33
V-belt water pump pulley from Chevy Caprice, machined to fit '95 YJ $20.00
49-5/8" V-belt (model 15490) $6.99
Fram BA3631 crankcase air filter $3.69
2-gal used air tank, 150 psi pop-off valve, 1/4" NPT female quick connect, 1/4" NPT nipple, 1/4" NPT four-way cross manifold $30.00
Air Fittings
15' of 1/4" rubber air hose, 1/4" NPT fittings [UPDATE: I now recommend 3/8" hose instead of 1/4"] $6.75
24" of 3/8" rubber air hose, 1/4" NPT fittings $8.99
25' x 1/4" spring-coil air hose, 1/4" NPT fittings [UPDATE: I now recommend 3/8" straight hose instead of 1/4" straight or any coiled hose] $6.99
1/4" NPT check valve $12.95
Square D Pumptrol Adjustable Pressure Switch, Class 9013 Type FHG12J27 (1/8" NPT fitting) $11.99
160 psi pressure gauge (1/4" NPT fitting) $4.69
Air fitting combo kit (air chuck, blower and fittings, tire pressure gauge, two hex nipples, female quick-connect fitting, six male quick-connect fittings (two female-threaded, four male-threaded) [UPDATE: I now recommend 3/8" quick-connects instead of 1/4"] $12.47
1/4" Quick connect coupler, 1/4" NPT (male and female ends) [UPDATE: I now recommend 3/8" quick-connects instead of 1/4"] $4.49
1/4" NPT needle drain cock $1.85
Two 1/4" NPT four-way cross manifolds $8.50
1/4" NPT street elbow $1.79
Two 1/4" NPT hex nipples $1.50
1/4" NPT male to 1/8" NPT female hex bushing $0.73
1/4" male NPT to 1/2" hose barb $1.49
1/4" NPT square-head plug $0.25
Two 1/4" NPT female pipe caps $2.70
Mounting Hardware
1.5x1.5" metal corner brace $0.53
3x1" metal corner brace $0.49
6-32 machine screws (12 pack) $0.59
6-32 machine screws lock nuts (12 pack) $0.59
8" zip-ties $1.69
Four each: 1/4" washers and lock washers $0.24
Four 8M 1.25x20 bolts $2.18
Four 8M washers $1.09
Electrical Stuff
Lighted 30A SPST rocker switch $2.29
15' (or so) of insulated 14-18 AWG wire already had
Miscellaneous electrical connectors bought in bulk nil


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