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There are several 4x4 magazines out there that hold a wealth of information for the 4x4 enthusiast. Let's face it, though: most of us don't have the funds to subscribe to all of them, or the time to read through all of them, or the memory to remember everything we read and where we read it. This page is dedicated to those who need to locate that great article from some magazine a year or two back about that mod they're about to make to their own rig.

When finished, this page will allow you to search article titles and keyword lists for terms of your choice. The database will store info about every article in all the major 4x4 mags for as far back as possible. Due to copyright restrictions and time commitments, I won't attempt to store the entire article text online. A search hit will merely return to you the magazine name, issue date, article title, and page number. From there you can consult your local library or your buddy's bookshelf to find the real juicy stuff.

This database is a group effort. If you have access to issues that aren't in this database yet, and you've got time to send me the vital info about each article, please contact me. Here's what's involved in indexing a magazine for the search engine.

Issues available in database:

  • Petersen's 4-Wheel & Off-Road: Apr, Jul, Aug, Nov 96 - Oct 2000
  • 4x4 Performance (formerly 4x4 Mechanic): Nov 95 - Jul 96
  • Four-Wheeler: May 98
  • Jp: Jul 99 - Mar 2000
  • 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility: Dec 99
  • 4x4 Power: none yet
  • Offroad: none yet

Search which magazines:
Petersen's 4-Wheel & Off-Road
4x4 Mechannic / 4x4 Performance
4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility
4x4 Power
Date to begin search:
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Search Query Help

Enter keywords separated by whitespace. To group multiple words together to make a single keyword, enclose them in double quotes, like so:

"Land Rover" "transfer case"
If you want to search for an inch measurement, spell it out rather than using the double quote symbol, like this:
"Ford 9-inch"
A simple substring search is used, so best results are achieved if you avoid using plurals or other suffixes (search for "gear" rather than "gears" or "gearing"). To require the existence of a keyword in the article, prefix it with a "+". To require the absence of a word in the article, prefix it with a "-". For example, the search query:
axle gear -tire
will find all articles discussing either axles or gears (or both), but not tires. The query:
+axle +gear -tire
will find all articles discussing both axles and gears, but not tires. Entering an empty search query will return the entire table of contents for the selected issues.

Database Contributors

Name E-mail Magazines
Obi-Wan 4x4mag@jedi.com Petersen's 4-Wheel & Off-Road
Chris Hunt Chuntmd@his.com 4x4 Mechanic / 4x4 Performance
Brad Elder darb@flinthills.com Four Wheeler
David Rush ky0dr@arrl.net Jp
Ken Weddel rock@micron.net 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility

Subscription and Back Issue Contact Information

Magazine Subscription Info (Oct 2000)
Petersen's 4 Wheel & Off-Road USA: $23.94/yr
Canada: US$31.94/yr
Other: US$33.94/yr
In USA: 800-800-4294
Outside USA: 303-678-0354
Four Wheeler USA: $24.00/yr
Other: US$39.00/yr
Voice: 800-777-0555
Fax: 904-445-2728
Jp USA: $19.95/yr (6 issues)
Canada: US$32.94 (6 issues)
Other: US$34.94 (6 issues)
In USA: 800-678-8012
Outside USA: 303-678-0354
4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility USA: $17.95/yr
Other: US$26.95/yr
Voice: 800-759-4854
or 714-213-1026
4x4 Power USA: $19.94/yr
Canada: US$27.94
Other: US$29.94
In USA: 800-456-1859
Outside USA: 303-678-0354

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