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People occasionally ask if they can help contribute data to my search engine. YES! Please contact me before you do anything, but chances are I'll take anything that I don't already have.

It's not tough to contribute. What you do is go through the magazine and write one line for each article. There are four fields per line, each separated by vertical bars (|, usually the shifted \ key). The first field is the date of the magazine in YYYYMM format. The second field is the page number on which the article starts. The third field is the title of the article. The fourth field contains any key words not found in the title.

There are a few guidelines I'd like you to follow when contributing entries. First, use correct capitalization. While it won't affect the search engine, it looks more professional when the search results are returned to the user. Please separate key words or phrases by a comma and space rather than just a comma or just a space. Again, it just looks more professional. The key words field is the toughest to write. The idea is that if you searched for a word and would want this article to show up as a "hit," then that word or phrase should be present in either the article title or key words field. Users are encouraged to search for the singular version of most words, so keep that in mind when listing key words. Please don't abbreviate key words or use slang like "tranny," "t-case" or "pumpkin" -- use "transmission," "transfer case" or "differential" instead. When only specific parts are discussed, I also try to give a single overall key word like "engine," "body" or "axle." Sometimes the article title says it all, so no key words are necessary.

I generally index the editor's forward and any technical letters to the editor, but I don't usually index "fluff" letters like "why don't you show more Fords." I also don't index readers' rides sections, since virtually every four wheeling term will be mentioned in any given month and you don't want them to show up for most searches. Full-page writeups on a single rig do get indexed, though. Once you've indexed an entire magazine, email me the index file at 4x4mag@jedi.com. It's generally best to start with the newest issues and work your way back as time allows.

Confused yet? Here's the index for two months of Petersen's 4-Wheel and Off-Road. Still confused? Feel free to ask any questions by emailing me at 4x4mag@jedi.com. Once you get the hang of it, it's really pretty easy. It takes me about 45 minutes to index one issue.

199805|22|Go Deep!|axle, transfer case, gear ratio choices
199805|34|R&P Quality|axle gear manufacturing process
199805|47|Gearing Down|transfer case low range gear upgrades
199805|55|Tranny Guide|Jeep transmission gear ratios, factory options
199805|60|All Geared Up|gears & parts buyer's guide
199805|64|21 Road in Snow|Grand Junction, Colorado, T-Rex Trail
199805|70|Pro-Jection Prognosis|Holley fuel injection 6-month road test, EFI
199805|74|Hubs!|4 to 1's YJ/XJ/ZJ wheel hubs, axles
199805|78|4x4 Formulas|math, center of gravity, displacement, compression, RPM, engine, gear ratios
199805|84|'99 GMC Sierra|new pickup introduction
199805|88|More NP231 Beef|transfer case upgrades, CV-joint driveshafts, low range gears, tail shaft eliminators, neutral
199805|98|B&M Transpack Installation|automatic transmission shifter upgrade
199805|106|The Adventure|Calico, '47 Jeep CJ-2A flat-fender
199805|112|Crank It!|neutral safety bypass, clutch
199805|114|Bulletproof Protection|body armor buyer's guide
199805|116|SpeedGlass|indestructible replacement windows, windshield
199805|122|Turquoise Trouble|Jim Cole's '82 Jeep CJ-7, spring-over-axle suspension
199805|127|SkyJacker's 3-Inch XJ Kit|Cherokee suspension lift
199805|130|Clutch Craft|manual transmission explanation
199805|140|Trial and Air|Rod Janssen's '86 Ford Bronco II, 4xFun Fest race truck
199805|143|Canadian Power|Tim Garton's '77 Chevy Blazer
199805|147|Flow Meter|aftermarket water pumps, engine
199805|152|'89 Acura SLX|road test
199805|155|Catalog Section|
199805|164|Nuts & Bolts:  Mopar Muscle|Chrysler 440 V8 & Dana 60 axles in CJ-7
199805|164|Nuts & Bolts:  Night Flasher|CJ-7 headlight problem
199805|164|Nuts & Bolts:  Parts is Parts|NP203 transfer case
199805|164|Nuts & Bolts:  Keep on Vannin'|4x4 Ford van conversion
199805|166|Nuts & Bolts:  Suzi Swap|Jeep 2.5L engine in Suzuki Samurai
199805|166|Nuts & Bolts:  Overdrive Option|Dodge M-37 2-speed axle, gears

199806|7|4xForward:  Driver's Ed|stupid drivers, driving schools
199806|15|Homegrown How-Tos|locking receiver hitch pin, antiseize for belt squealing, pickup bed rock chip prevention
199806|22|50 Tips & Tricks|cheap ideas
199806|42|Tierra Del Sol|Cabazon, Salton Sea, rocks
199806|48|Northern New Mexico Crawling|Farmington, rocks
199806|54|Snowtime Boggin'|Ramsey, Minnesota, mud
199806|58|Locker Pros & Cons|traction control, axle differential, ARB install, Lock-Right install
199806|64|50 Readers' Rides|
199806|80|Pack for the Trail|equipment storage
199806|87|Events Guide|4xFun Fests, U.S. Truck Fests, schedule, tips
199806|103|Tough-Hide|diamond plate rust repair
199806|110|Outdoor Gear Buyer's Guide|camping equipment
199806|116|Fuel Cell Installation|bed-mounted gas tank
199806|127|HEI Upgrade|Accel electronic ignition installation in GM, distributor, engine
199806|132|Project Prerunner: part 1|'98 Ford F-150 buildup, Gibson exhaust, Trail Master suspension lift
199806|138|SuperBurban|'64 Chevy Suburban buildup
199806|140|Use Your Head|'83 CJ-7 buildup
199806|146|Suzuki Grand Vitara|first look, road test
199806|152|Cool Crusin'|$80,000 '93 Chevy Z-71 pickup buildup
199806|159|Slushbox or Saviour?|automatic transmission pros & cons, torque converter explanation
199806|172|Nuts & Bolts:  Juice Swap|automatic transmission swap into '76 CJ-7, 2-Low position in Dana 20 transfer case
199806|172|Nuts & Bolts:  Little Old Beater|'82 Datsun lift kit, 10-15 tire size explanation
199806|172|Nuts & Bolts:  Don't Do It|crossmember-mounted tow points, tie-downs
199806|175|Nuts & Bolts:  Hot Time|F-150 disc brake swap, over-heating problems
199806|176|Nuts & Bolts:  Bronco Brakes|'74 Bronco disc brake or axle swap

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