1977 Jeep Wagoneer For Sale

The detailed information about this truck can be found here.

Below are some detailed shots of my 1977 Jeep Wagoneer taken on 15 January 2012. These photos are intended to give an accurate representation of the Jeep, both good and bad. I do have a full set of NOS replacement body panels, as well as a new headliner in storage awaiting a new owner. Clicking the thumbnail will show a 1200x800 image. Full size (18MP) images are available upon request.

Two videos are shown here illustrating how easily the engine starts, even in mid-January. Listen to that 401 purr! The first video illustrates a cold start after sitting overnight. The second video illustrates a warm start after it had run for 30 seconds and then been turned off for a few minutes.




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last updated 15 Jan 2011
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