3rd Annual Flatlanders 4×4 Fest, 6 May 2000 near Randolph, KS

Below are a few of the highlights from our time at the 3rd annual Flatlanders 4×4 Fest, sponsored by the Flatlanders Jeep Club, held on Saturday, 6 May 2000.  A handful of us from Lincoln & Omaha (early members of the Just Jeeps of Omaha club) spent the day together.

Some shots of the whoop-de-doos:


This CJ blew a hub climbing the middle whoop-de-doo:


A TJ had to get yanked out of the creek bed just south of the whoop-de-doos:


Climbing some rocks onto the plateau at the top of a trail a bit south of the above creek:


The couple who pulled out the maroon TJ above apparently hit a sharp rock and punctured a tire at the very top of the plateau. My compressor and impact wrench sped recovery up a bit:


We ran into the other medium group trying to catch up after the flat tire:


Stacy finally got a shot of Obi-Wan (from a bit too close) descending the ledges:


The steering shaft on this CJ acted up, making his steering ability iffy at best. The ZJ and I escorted him back to the Randolph Park before lunch:

Bob Belbeck examines the damaged steering shaft

At lunch, I discovered that Mike’s TJ from the easy group was unable to shift into 4-lo thanks to a poorly-installed lift kit. Bob Taylor (the Gloved One) and I used our nimble fingers and my pneumatic cut-off wheel to correct the problem:


After repairing Mike’s TJ, we headed out for an hour of wheeling. First, the whoop-de-doos:


West of the whoops, through the creek, then a hard left up a steep hill:


Jeff takes the easy route up to the plateau:

Jeff’s red TJ

Leaving the plateau via the same dropoff we climbed that morning:


The Gloved One stole my camera for a moment:


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