AMC 401 V8 Engine Rebuild Parts List

401 V8 Parts Shelf
Here’s the list of parts I needed in order to get my401 V8 back on the road.

Engine kit$640.00Richards Machine
   Cast pistons +.020"  
moly/steel rings +.020" (2M672)
rod & main bearings, -.010"
   Clevite cam bearings  
   Freeze plugs  
   Oil pump kit  
   Cloyes double roller timing set  
   Felpro gasket set, incl valley pan  
   Crane PowerMax H-260-2 cam & lifters (863902)  
New AMC V8 timing cover225.00South Texas AMC
Holley 1850 rebuild kit34.99O'Reilly
Book: Holley Carburetors, Manifolds & Fuel Injection17.95Barnes & Noble
Book: Super Tuning and Modifying Holley Carburetors18.95Barnes & Noble
Dip stick tube ('91 GW PN 3190848)9.44Performance Dodge (Jeep dealer)
CTO switch (aka ported vacuum switch)21.99O'Reilly
Fuel filter5.39O'Reilly
Several feet of vacuum hose??.??O'Reilly
Steering shaft U-joint (Spicer 5-103X)28.00Dean's Driveshaft
Moroso Blue Max 8mm spark plug wires, pn 7255042.95Summit Racing
K&N air filter (E-1100)34.99Advance Auto
New flex plate68.00Ronnie Sutton
Intake-mounted engine lifting bracket13.95Speedway Motors
??? Crane ignition system??.?? 
FlowKooler water pump (#1781)79.95Summit Racing
Tranny cooler, B&M 70266 28K GVWR, 11x8x1.5"59.95Summit Racing
Tranny cooler mounting kit9.95Summit Racing
??? Engine oil cooler  
   B&M 70271 11x8x1.5"111.95PAW, p779
??? Aux electric fan  
Valve Train
Crane valve springs (99839-16)55.00Richards Machine
4-groove valve keepers/locks8.00Richards Machine
8 rocker / bridge / pivot kits121.44Richards Machine
4 replacement intake valves21.00Richards Machine
5 replacement exhaust valves32.70Richards Machine
Cylinder head freeze plugs5.00Richards Machine
Dress Up
2 cans of AMC blue engine paint13.90American Performance Products (AMC-75)
Factory Manifold Grey POR-15 (1/2 pint)14.00RestoMotive Labs
Metal Ready surface prep (20oz)12.95RestoMotive Labs
POR-15 for chassis & engine bay (qt)29.00RestoMotive Labs
Gaskets / Seals / Hoses
Upper radiator hose??.??NAPA
Lower radiator hose??.??NAPA
Crank / water pump / AC / alternator belt (two)??.??NAPA
Crank / water pump / PS belt??.??NAPA
Tranny cooler hoses & screw clamps??.??NAPA
TOTAL COST (w/o tax & shipping):1634.44 

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