'78 Jeep Wagoneer
Parts Truck

(Both Wags)

This vehicle has found a new home. I've left this page online only for posterity.

I'm looking for a new home for my '78 Wagoneer parts truck. My interest in rebuilding full size Jeeps has faded, and I lack the time to part this truck out for other people. As such, I have no interest in shipping any of this stuff. If you want something, you come to the farm in Lincoln, Nebraska, and pull it yourself, or better yet, take the whole truck away and part it out on your own. The original page describing this truck when I first purchased it is here. I'll only state below what's different from that page. Current photos of it (13 June 2009) are shown below. If the truck is still around at the end of the summer, everything except the 401 V8 is going to the recycler. I refuse to believe that the engine has no resale value.

The chassis has pretty well been stripped of any remaining good parts, but the rear door skins, glass, and some trim are still good. The offset D44 rear axle is also presumably still good. The front D44 axle currently sits under my '87 Grand Wagoneer parts truck, and it must stay there until the GW leave, because it's the more valuable truck. The bumpers are pretty good. The inner door panels and window crank mechanisms are still available, but have been removed. The seats are still good, but have been removed. The blue driver seat now sits in my '77 Wag, but could probably be swapped out if somebody wanted all three of them. The hood is removed, but available with a bit of surface rust.

The Quadra-Trac BW13-39 transfer case is available and is still in it's original full-time state, but I have no knowledge of the condition of the clutch packs. The 401 V8 is sitting on an engine stand in the garage. There's a bit of surface rust on the wall of the #7 cylinder, but a 0.020" overbore should clean that up. It's a complete long block except for the carb, distributor, and exhaust manifolds. Rebuildable 401 cores used to fetch $500 just a couple years ago. I'm only asking $200, but again, you must come pick it up and figure out how to get it off the engine stand and into your vehicle. I do have very inconvenient access to an engine hoist, and for an extra $100, I'll get it out to the farm to use for loading the engine.

I'd like $200 for the 401. I'd like to get something for the t-case or the seats, so make me an offer. The rest of it is free for the taking. As I said, it's all (except the 401) going to the recycler at the end of the summer otherwise.

Photos I took back in 2002 when I first got the truck are at here. Current photos follow.

I also have an '87 Grand Wagoneer parts truck that I want to get rid of.

IMG_9888.JPG IMG_9889.JPG IMG_9890.JPG IMG_9895.JPG IMG_9896.JPG IMG_9897.JPG IMG_9898.JPG IMG_9899.JPG IMG_9900.JPG IMG_9901.JPG IMG_9903.JPG IMG_9936.JPG IMG_9910.JPG IMG_9911.JPG IMG_9912.JPG IMG_9913.JPG IMG_9915.JPG

Email me (Ben Hollingsworth) at obiwan@jedi.com.

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last updated 16 Jun 2009
Obi-Wan (obiwan@jedi.com)

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