Spring-Over-Axle Conversion on a ’95 YJ – Statistics

OK, here are the before and after numbers:

Where Before After
Bottom of front bumper 19.25" 27.75"
Bottom of front fender flare 31.25" 39.875"
Bottom of rocker panel 19" 26.25"
Bottom of skid plate 11.25" 18.5"
Bottom of rear fender flare 32.75" 39.625"
Bottom of rear bumper 18.75" 24.75"
Top of tire, loaded, at 30psi
  Goodyear Wrangler 225/75R15 27.25" -
  BFG MT 33x9.50R15 -32"
Wheel travel at center of hub cap
Right front 10" 11.5"
Left front 10" 11.75"
Right rear 10" 10.5"
Left rear 10" 10"

The rear axle articulation is about the same as it was before I installed the add-a-leaves last year. The front articulation gained about 0.5″ over stock. The SOA lifted the front 6″ and the rear 5.25″ due to the taller OEM front spring perches. My rear add-a-leaves had sagged more than the fronts since I installed them last year.

Two months and three trail rides after completing the lift, I was finally able to ramp it on our Jeep club’s 30-degree RTI ramp. Just before installation, I was able to score 310 with the tires at 28 psi. After the SOA, I scored 514 with 15 psi in the tires. Lower tire pressure allows the tires to compress more, which will improve your score slightly. Still, that’s a 65% increase in axle articulation. Those scores translate to 454 and 753 on a 20-degree ramp. What held me up, you ask? My rear driver side e-brake cable is too short and needs to be lengthened, but the above test was done with that wheel under compression so it wasn’t an issue. I think the front track bar is limiting travel up front, which can be solved by an adjustable track bar like that from M.O.R.E. I’m just barely touching the stubby front bump stop on the rear springs, but not enough to hamper up travel. I think the main thing limiting articulation now is my inflexible spring packs (thanks mostly to my full-length add-a-leaves). Overall, I’m happy with those results. Any more flex would make things awfully tipsy on off-camber trails. With one or two lockers, that’ll be plenty of articulation to take me anywhere I want to go.

For comparison, here’s a shot of my YJ in stock trim (in Colorado):

Stock YJ

Here’s a what the YJ looked like a couple years after the SOA (in Attica):


[Last updated 12 June 2008]

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